Chris Ifso is an artistic explorer. It’s great to see his work come to such vivid life. The Nearly Project is fascinating, playful, serious, wide-ranging, truly thought-provoking. ‘What Didn’t Quite’ is beautifully written.  


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Chris has written fiction, plays, poetry, songs, comedy, articles and essays. He’s performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Club Inegales and The Poetry Cafe, run workshops and given talks all over the world, been published by Penguin – and nearly had a sitcom produced by the BBC. He has been CEO of two national literature organisations, set up a charitable company exploring the future of the book, and in 2018 completed a PhD in Creative Writing on Nearlywriting Nearlyology at Bath Spa University. Now he’s developing a Nearlyology podcast, performance and workshops. He writes about sex and gender, time and ageism, our changing sense of identity in the digital age – and how the things we nearly do influence who we really are.

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How do you feel about the things you’ve nearly done in your life?

Nearlyology: The study of how the things we nearly do are part of who we really are – and how doing things nearly can set us free.

 Tell us your Nearlies! Which close shaves and near misses do you remember – and why?


On this site you’ll also find the Nearly Manifesto, an archive of Nearlies gathered at public events. You can book the Nearlyologist for your festival or venue,  read the Nearly Blog , hear Chris & The Ifso’s Nearly Songs and soundscapes, read other work by Chris.

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