Lumb Bank Nearlies

IMG_39162015 got off to a great start with a wonderful week at the Arvon Foundation, Lumb Bank in Yorkshire. I first went on a course there thirty years ago and taught one about eight years ago. Working with Peter and Anne Sansom, we spent each morning doing writing exercises which could be used in workshops with schools and groups, as well as by ourselves. In the afternoons we wrote and walked and talked. Following a workshop with Rachel Hazell, bookbinder, writer and artist, in which we made little books, I asked people the next morning to write Nearlies in them, 2 pages for what you nearly did, 2 for what really happened, 2 for how you feel about it. Here’s Rachel’s. I’ll be posting the others HERE 

The Kiss

I nearly had tea with the Queen Mother, at the Bishop’s Palace, Wells, Somerset c 1978. My name had been picked out of a hat.

The day before, in a close-run game of kiss chase, Ian Barrett had pushed me into the Homey Wall and broken my nose. Lip was too swollen to sip from a cup with royalty. I stayed at school like everybody else.

I have been left with illusions of grandeur and an awareness of the power of attraction. Ian Barrett broke my nose and swole my lip because he wanted to kiss me.