On Saturday 28th Feb (tomorrow!) the Nearlyologists will be in Bath as part of the Literary Festival, in  Cafe W, Waterstones, gathering neatly stories from 12-4pm when we’ll do a 1/2 hour performance on the stage in Southgate, near the Apple Store. Please join me and Kayt Burgess. 


This week I was part of a panel at the  EXPERIMENTAL NARRATIVES CONFERENCE AT THE INSTITUTE OF MODERN LANGUAGE RESEARCH, UNIVERSITY OF LONDON with Tanya Hirshmab, Kayt Burgess, Christime Wilks and KAte Pullinger – The Bath Spa Grioup – billed as being at the ‘bleeding edge’ of storytelling. We went down a storm at this fascinating conference. Here;s a story I was given there:

I nearly…

told the truth about finding the postcards, the letters returned to sender, unread, un-responded to (Mein Liebling… Mein Engel).

Instead, I tucked great-aunt M’s secret away, back into the space I found it, as if into a pocket; casual, ambivalent. Or pretending, in fact, charged.

I wonder if I ought to have burned them – if it was better when we thought he was (still) Missing in Action, instead of gunned down so early, on a field in Poland, his boots shiny enough to catch the morning sky.