Nights & Days of Nearlyologing

Here are more nearlies gathered at the Poetry Café Nearly Night and the Nearlywriting Workshop at Ruby Rose Café, Crouch End. Thanks to all who attended and participated.

If I’ve missed any, or if you’d like to add more, please do send them in.


I nearly…made a cake this afternoon instead of coming here. The cake can wait. This couldn’t. Thank you!

I nearly… had a very serious head injury that almost certainly would have killed me when I fell out of a Range Rover (don’t ask). Instead, I hit my back and the impact my back took lessened the impact on my head. I was in hospital for a week with a minor head injury and just got out in time to go to university.

I nearly…went to Chile just before the coup – I could have been one of the “missing”

I nearly…married the wrong man.

I nearly…didn’t say what needed to be said but then I said it. I don’t regret it.

I nearly…was in Liverpool St Station at the same time as the 7/7 bombings.

I nearly…wrote a rude review of a journal issue I was published in because I didn’t like the editorial but then I chickened out.

I nearly…thought, like so many, that I couldn’t use the word “depression” since I was so highly functional. Then one day I did and allowed myself to completely crash. That’s when I started to live. So now I’m the exact opposite. I use these words, depression, mental illness, OCD, so that others around me can reflect on their own ‘nearly’ stage. We spend so much energy nearly living. I’m not nearly as scared as I used to be.

I nearly…got a job that – secretly – I didn’t really want but I still wonder why they didn’t take me. I was the best qualified candidate.

Ich habe fast… English vergessen… but I remembered it.

I nearly…went to Oregon and joined a commune of thousands wearing orange and red.

I nearly…got kidnapped by Scientologists, but was saved by a spaniel.

I nearly…listened to myself after high school and studied english literature. Instead, I listened to my family and engaged into economics, accounting and marketing, being a “useful” career rather than an “exciting” one. When I grew tired of it I moved in another country so I could listen to myself at last!

I nearly…had fun, but then my head stepped in.

I nearly…got kidnapped in a supermarket. But my mom noticed and had someone bring me back to her. Apparently I nearly would have lived in Spain.

I nearly…died before my 1st bithday because I weighed half a bag of sugar!

I nearly… got killed by a low-flying goose on Monday.

I nearly… jumped off the top of the building I worked in, feeling pressured about the job even though I loved it – and nearly didn’t recover from the feeling that I’d taken the wrong path when I did leave the job.

I nearly…mistook falling for unhappiness, for a lack of somewhere to stand. However, when you think about it and give yourself time to feel the wind in your hair, “falling is a lot like flying” – Toy Story 1994 (version of a quotation).

I nearly…spent my life trailing an ideal of what I was supposed to be halfway across the world. Funny how things turn out.