Nearlyology at the Royal Society of Arts

Today I’m at the Rawthmill’s Coffee House at the RSA in Central London gathering nearly stories from Fellows working and hanging out here.

The Ideas Wall at the RSA

NEXT THURSDAY, MARCH 7th, I’ll be here again – and then hosting an ‘Enlightenment Evening’ where Fellows meet and mingle over a meal. I’ve been meeting some fascinating people and their nearly selves too.

“Last year I nearly… stayed in a safe and secure corporate role. I was down to final interview on a role I had always wanted. However I also had a redundancy offer. I nearly took the job but knew I would always wonder what if…

So I withdrew from the interview and took the redundancy. I haven’t regretted it for a moment. I wonder whether I would have regretted taking the job? I would probably have berated myself for not being brave enough to walk away.

When I was a child (about 10) my mother had planned a day Christmas shopping in London. Very last minute she brought it forward a day. We had a good day and she took us to show us Harrods.

The following day, at the time we had been outside, the time we originally planned to be there, the IRA bomb went off. My mum’s reaction was, of course, absolute horror. I think it is her reaction that keeps the event so vivid in my mind.”

Paula Sheridan

“I nearly…abandoned University to become a pro footballer. I decided to stay at university and pursued career in education. I often wonder what football career I might have had.

I might have contributed more to society staying in education, but I still occasionally think I made the wrong choice!”


‘I nearly… changed the world, but will likely never feel that I have done all I could to make it happen,”

James . james.sancto@wemakechange,org