Creators Club

So I was invited by Andy, the guy below holding his Nearly aloft at the RSA, to speak at Creators Club, London, a wonderful networking group for creative types, which meets at the Makerversity at Somerset House. It’s the first time I’ve given a talk about Nearlyology as an actual thing if you see what I mean, that is as a philosophy of life that might have some value. And it does! These freelance, start-up type people, in the midst of their careers mostly, caught up in trying to make things actually happen, found it reassuring to explore how it might not matter in the fullness of time which projects were realised or not. More reflections on all this soon, but thanks to Andy and the rest of the team and all the very nice people I spoke to.

In other news I’m doing a Night of Nearly at the St Giles Literary Festival, that’s the church opposite the Barbican Centre, this August 27th. More details soon. My How-To Nearlyology Guide to Life will transform your life possibly.