Facebook v Website – first posted on fb, Oct 3rd

I’ve been spending much of my lockdown making recordings and videos of songs, nearlydancing improvisations about my recent operation. Here’s my latest reworking of an old song about newness. I like posting this stuff on Facebook and sometimes Instagram. Posts about health and family always attract far more attention than songs or writings, but that’s how it goes; we all find it easier to click on a sunset or a sorrow than risk critiquing a poem or artwork. All publishing is like this. Most books have a tiny readership in relation to mass media and bestsellers. It’s wonderful when friends comment on what I’m doing, and fascinating to see what appeals to whom. I like using fb as a kind of interactive notebook, a laboratory for experiments. But it’s easy to get hooked on clicks and the queasy edginess of exposure. I don’t like what the big guns of social media and surveillance capitalism are doing to hold and exploit our attention. It feels like time to concentrate on developing and gathering work on the www.nearlyology.net website where I can define a context for what I’m trying to do. And then I want to make a book, in print and online, mixing fiction, essay, memoir. music and nearly art. Meanwhile pilot episodes of THE NEARLY SHOW podcast can be found on iTunes and my YouTube channel is Chris Ifso. It’s amazing the things that they can do these days!

Originally inspired by our campervan, now a tribute to my Remington and Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriters -wonders of yore!