THE NEARLY DADS. In this first pilot podcast, Chris Ifso Doctor of Nearlyology, talks to Bill about the two dads he nearly had. They discuss masculinity, age, feminism and fatherhood, reveal secrets of masturbation interruptus and condoms in the sock drawer. Music: Nearlyology & In The Nearly.

CREEPY OLD MEN. On Nearly Touching, Sexual Distancing and exploring your inner creepiness. Interview with Beate and Mathis of Luhmen d’Arc, organisers of sex positive events include a Creepy Old Man workshop. Music: Unshouldering.

CINDY’S NEARLY WORKS & TRYSTS. Writer and Actor Cindy Oswin tells all about her Nearlies with drum legend Max Roach, actor and womanizer Warren Beattie, Mark Rylance, Her Majesty, Sitcoms, Stand Up & Nudity

OTHERING & DISCOVERING. On Growing Nearly Old. Chris talks about travelling in a campervan, reading Maggie Nelson’s The Argonauts, visiting Leonardo’s house and thinking about time, dance, pain, desire and other things too

NEARLY ARTS IN THE TIME OF LOCKDOWN. On Being A Nearlysmith. How To Be Nearly. Based on a performance/lecture at Schmiede, Hallein in 2019.

THESE ASSOCIATIONS: A Reading from WHAT DIDN’T QUITE, the nearly novel.

WHAT REALLY HAS: First Thoughts on Discovering I (Really) Have Bowel Cancer