Welcome to the Nearly Store where you can find stuff related to Nearlywriting Nearlyology, the title of my practice-based PhD from Bath Spa University. Doing the Doctorate included writing a transmedia novel, What Didn’t Quite, a suite of nearly songs and a contextual research paper.

As well as what you can read here for free, you can buy music, books and other merchandise by Chris & The Ifso on our Bandcamp site. We also do pop up Nearly Stores at workshops and performances. We sell ‘I nearly’ badges, bags and jars of Nearly Dust, blank ‘I Nearly’ mini books and copies of the Nearly Manifesto as well as music and books by Chris & The Ifso.

Simultaneous Translation Image

Download a free PDF mini-book of the lyrics of Simultaneous Translation by  CLICKING HERE,  then print it out on a single sheet of A4 and fold it into a mini-book thus:

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