The Nearly Manifesto

Nearly Manifesto mini-book

Nearlyologists call on all people to share freely and openly one with another who they really and nearly are.

In the analogue age we led linear lives with beginnings, middles and ends;
in digital times we can be nearly many in various virtual spacesIn the age of austerity there’s much we may want but not actually get;
these unactable desires deserve to be acknowledged as part of our being.

We are what we eat – and what we’ve nearly eaten.

Once others decided which were real writers deserving reproduction.

Today we are nearlywriters, able to amplify and illuminate words and pictures but responsible for deciding when our work is cooked enough to show and to whom to show it.We learn constantly, approximately, way outside the confines of formal institutions; we are students of the Nearlyversity

Only through conversation with others can we decide which nearlies we might still want to realise.In the middle of the journey of life what we’ve done and nearly done begins to blur.Far more things nearly happen than happen.

The universe is held together by the dust of of human kind’s nearlyincidence.

Embrace your nearliness.  Contribute to the Nearlyology. Be nearly.

Filmed by Lise Smith at Chisenhale Dance. Performance by Jia-Yu Corti & Chris Ifso

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